Dark Days

by Human Animal

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7" version now available from Holy Mountain Music / CD version from the bands site.


released October 16, 2012

Engineered and recorded at Under the Radar studios in Erie, PA by Bobby Williams. Mixed and mastered by Shawn Hammer. Artwork by Kevin Collins.



all rights reserved


Human Animal Erie, Pennsylvania

Classic Erie Lake Effect Hardcore played by people who have lived it most of their lives. Their sound & lyrics would best be described as intelligent cavemen struggling to deal with the modern worlds frustrations. H.A. is attempting to remind everyone of the great historic hardcore scene that has always came out of the frigid, rust belt city of Erie, Pennsylvania. Lake Effect… always In Effect. ... more

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Track Name: Dark Days
Dark days and bright nights, this is all I’ve ever known and it feels just like home. Cracked minds and slow times, just another blink in your life as the shadows fly on by. Time, time, and time again I lay and stare at the lights of the world wondering how I went wrong again. Check the past, reflect, dissect. In the morning I’ll feel like a pile of shit and there’s nothing I can do. Time flies, truths and lies. You’ll never understand. No, never again I will not bend for you. I can’t live like you. No I can’t. No I won’t. Dried tears and scarred hands, this is how I’ve had to grow and I felt so alone. Forked tongues and sharp eyes. Just another day in your life, as the verdict is passed on by. Time, time, and time again I stay and glare at the “rights” of the world pondering how you thought I was wrong again. Put on blast, quick to cast out, shut down. In the moonlight I hope you’ll come around and realize I can’t be you.
Track Name: Faded Pictures
Same old story, a rogue soul in outer space. Time waits for no one. These are the fastest years of my life. Flying at the speed of bright lights. I can’t find my way. Searching through the halls of my past. Looking for the roads to get back. Fading away out of the picture and story. I’m losing myself. Doc I need your help. My family needs me to hold it all together. Lightning strikes twice at all the right times. We’ve come too far to give up. Gotta fight hard, shut up, put up. Can’t lose my future.
Track Name: Out Cold
Round one has just begun. The bell rings and my heart sinks. Put my game face on and stand up proud. Bright lights, center stage, the roar of the crowd. I’m here to win I’m here to fight. Can’t let you see my weakness. Constant failure, this is my reality. Do you feel any pain? No. There’s no room for defeat. I’m my own worst enemy. Round two, beaten black and blue. Out of breath, out of time, out of my mind. Smell the blood, there’s no love in here. Pick myself up, dust my shoulders off. (Do you think you’re animal enough?) Can’t you see this ain’t the life for you? You never know who are tried and true. You never know who are true. (Ten counts, all is lost, knocked out cold.) Knocked out cold. Ten counts all is lost… all is lost.
Track Name: Swine Flu
Swine flu. Keep your filth away from here, far from here. Outbreak of pandemic proportions upon our masses. Transmit your toxic thoughts throughout our world. All it took was one weak mind to infect us all. Imitate, infiltrate, you’re only here to take. Delude, confuse, tightening the screws. Swine flu. I’m wise to your games, and your ways. Blindfold pulled over the blurry eyes of the so called “wise”. To some it’s all about convenience, all I see is sickness. Leeching off something that existed long before you arrived. I’ve seen your kind before and you’re only here to suck our blood. Swine flu… swine flu… you’ve infected my world.
Track Name: Time Tells All
The pain keeps coming down. Shit storms are all around. And you thought that this was a good way out? Forever through these eyes you’ve marked yourself. I see your disguise. And I always knew the real you would come to the surface someday soon behind all those lies and your crooked smiles. Faith, hope, and consequence. You know it’ll never last. Time tells all. Did you really think you could run from all your lies? Did you really think you could hide from the truth? You deceive none but yourself. You should seek some serious help because everyone else is done with your ways. Forever walking alone. The path you chose, the damage is done. Pride, greed, you contradict. Your morals are quite suspect. Guilt, fear, your fantasies are part of your egos’ disease.